• May 26, 2022

Did F.B.I. Agents Force Comey To Reopen Clinton E-Mail Scandal?

As America inches toward open revolt over the runaway criminality and collusion of the democrats and the media, another kind of revolt is taking place inside the FBI. According to multiple sources in the independent media, now the only remaining “free press” in America, FBI director James Comey was forced into announcing a reopening of the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server by “livid” FBI agents who threatened to go public if Comey didn’t act.

According to Naturalnews:

The truth is that most FBI agents are hard working, professional men and women who are desperately trying to shut down the operations of terrorists, financial fraudsters, kidnappers, murderers and other dangerous criminals. Yet if James Comey doesn’t defend the FBI’s reputation by indicting Hillary Clinton, he will likely be placing FBI field agents in grave danger as they face the wrath of citizens who begin to see them all as part of a corrupt criminal tyranny run by the political mafia in D.C.

If the FBI hopes to have any reputation remaining after the Hillary Clinton campaign implodes either before or on November 8th, Comey needs to come out strong right now and lay out the evidence that unambiguously shows Hillary Clinton had clear intent to violate national security laws,¬†among other serious crimes. Comey is going to have his hands full defending his actions. But I’m sure he was aware of this, meaning, he could not hide the facts any longer. I would not be surprised if he has to cut a deal to stay out of prison, based on Obama trying to strong arm him in the first place. What do you think?

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