• April 20, 2024

Did Obama Officials GIVE Muslim Terrorist The Weapon Used in Texas Attack?

The media may have forgotten about Eric Holder’s ill-starred “Fast and Furious” gun operation, but they’re about to be reminded in a big way: according to sources, one of the terrorists in the Garland, Texas attack bought his gun from a dealer involved in the Obama Administration’s disastrous “Fast and Furious” scheme.

From Conservative Tribune:

Sources said that Nadir Hamid Soofi bought a .380 caliber pistol from a dealer in Phoenix that was involved with the scheme to allow illegal sales, purportedly to follow where they were going.

Not only that, but according to Breitbart, federal authorities authorized the February 2010 sale of the gun to Soofi, waiving a hold that was put on the transaction.

The Los Angeles Times had described a “seven-day hold” being placed on the transaction, but according to the source, federal authorities released the hold just a day later, on February 25. Soofi purchased the gun the same day. Senators are now asking why the hold was released.

“Very little information has been disclosed about the firearms that Simpson and Soofi used during this attack,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., said in a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Soofi was one of two men shot dead by police after trying to attack a “Draw Muhammad” event in the Dallas suburb of Garland. The event, which occurred May 3 at the Curtis Culwell Center, featured anti-Islamist activists Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders.

The Islamic State group later took responsibility for the attack, although authorities have yet to confirm or deny whether the group was involved. If they were, it would be the first Islamic State-backed attack within the United States.

Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious scheme was not only illegal, it was a blatant attack on the Second Amendment and the men and women who guard our borders.

It’s time that Eric Holder, as well as everyone else involved in the Fast and Furious operation, paid for their politically-motivated lawbreaking.

Found at Top Right News

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