• June 27, 2022

Disappearing Blue States Has Hillary Seeing Red


The liberals have been laughing ever since Donald Trump won the republican nomination.  They said not only would he lose blue and swing states but he would lose a number of red states too.  The laughter has subsided.  In a recent poll it was revealed that Trump is highly competitive in blue states.  The Reuter/Ipsos poll reveals the following:

Iowa: Trump 44 — Clinton 41
Maine: Trump 42 — Clinton 42
Michigan: Trump 42 — Clinton 41
New Hampshire: Trump 45 — Clinton 44
Ohio: Trump 46 — Clinton 43
Wisconsin: Trump 38 — Clinton 38

To make it even worse for Hillary and the democrats is that the momentum is all going Trump’s way.  Some of these states are not supposed to be in play.  Pennsylvania is another state that Hillary could very well lose.

From The Conservative Tribune:

Those polls showed that Trump had essentially erased the lead Clinton gained following her acceptance of the nomination at the Democrat National Convention.

Specifically, Clinton has been losing support from independent voters in virtually all major polls, likely as a result of the steady drip of bad news regarding her private email server scandal that simply won’t go away, despite the best efforts of the Democrats and allied media to ignore it or spin it as no big deal.

To be sure, things can certainly change over the next two months, but if current trends persist, we will be welcoming Donald Trump to the White House come January.

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