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Disgusting Data Released On How These Muslims Used Welfare Money

He was being held in what is supposed to be one of the most secure prisons in the U.K., but 30-year-old Shahan Choudhury, who is accused of participating in the gang murder of a teenager, still managed to escape and run to Syria. And it turns out that he was influenced to do this while in prison.


He brought his entire Islamic family from Syria to Britain using welfare benefits, such as housing vouchers, provided to all refugees by the government — which, of course, never asked UK citizens what they thought about their money being used for such a program, via DML.

The vile crimes of one Muslim refugee revealed what so many who fled the Middle East REALLY do with the taxpayer money handed to them. This treachery must be exposed!

Shahan’s wife, Mehak, was reportedly receiving about $1,000 per month in housing benefits. It remains completely unclear if other members of the Choudhury family also garnered such a windfall.

The family’s landlady, who entered the apartment after the family left, discovered that Mehak had received a monthly housing benefit payment of £1,000 when she found an uncashed check, which she’d failed to pass on as rent.

Choudhury has been using Twitter to urge more Muslims in the United Kingdom to launch terror attacks, according to Daily Mail. Even before becoming a radical Islamic militant, Shahan was named as a suspect in a gang murder.

After spending untold thousands of dollars thanks to the hardworking people of the UK, Choudhury rushed back to his native Syria to rally his fellow radicals to jihad and continue his training. The “good boy” excuses are already being uttered by his family.

Relatives blame the British prison for causing Choudhury’s downfall and radicalization. They claim he was brainwashed during his 18 months behind bars, but we call BS. He wouldn’t have been IN prison in the first place if he weren’t already prone to violent behavior!

He was sentenced to only the short stint in prison for his alleged role in the stabbing of a 17-year-old London area citizen. Former inmates at the same correctional facility have claimed the Belmarsh prison is “like a jihadi training camp.”

Just after being released from the prison, Choudhury joined a banned hate group in the UK — the al-Muhajiroun or ALM. The radical Islamic group, led by Anjem Choudary, is pushing for the implementation of Sharia Law throughout Great Britain.

After making his way back from Syria, the supposed refugee was reportedly joined there by his wife and three young children. A true refugee would not beg to leave a country and then run back to it for safe harbor.

It’s clear that plenty of these Muslims aren’t actually refugees at all. They’re pouring into Britain for “free” money, which they then use to support terrorism in the west! Britain’s welfare system needs a serious revamping in the way they vet their applicants or the entire world could soon be in trouble.


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