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Helpless Great-Grandma’s Attacker Made One Dumb Mistake [VIDEO]

I don’t care what the circumstances are, you don’t hit an old lady in the face while she’s sitting in a motor scooter.


After a great-grandmother was assaulted inside a Walmart store, she has been put on bed rest as she recovers. While shopping, an attacker came up to her and hit her in the face multiple times. The woman, who has asked not to be named, thought she was safe at Walmart because they have security. Apparently, that was where she was most vulnerable…

“I thought I was safe. I’m in Walmart,” the woman, who asked not to be named, told WSB-TV’s, Matt Johnson.

The next day, she was covered in bruises. The other Walmart shopper, a woman, punched her in the face repeatedly while they were both in the bread aisle at the Atlanta-area store. The great-grandmother had no idea why she was assaulted.

“There had to be something wrong with her because you just don’t do that,” the victim said.

She had arrived at the Walmart on Howell Mill Road just before 10 in the morning on Sunday. While most others were at church, the great-grandmother went to the store because it was usually less busy – which made life easier for this beloved matriarch.

Because she has bad knees, the victim was in a mobility scooter while shopping.

“I always ride because my knees are bad,” the woman said.

Out of nowhere, another woman stepped in front of the scooter and cussed at the great-grandmother, saying, “I’m trying to get white bread b****.”

But this sassy old woman was not about to let this woman cuss her out without consequence.

“As I went around her, I said, ‘You’re the b****,’” the grandma said.

This simple reply made the other Walmart shopper snap. She came up behind the woman in the scooter and punched her in the back of the head. Then she got around front for a better angle and punched her five more times in the face.

“I had my glasses on and she just kept socking me in the glasses and then she socked me in my mouth because my mouth is real sore,” the victim told Johnson.

Because the victim put her arms up to defend herself, they are now covered in bruises too.

“I kept screaming ‘Help.’ Nobody came,” the victim said.

Walmart security was slow to act. After the abuser had fled, a security employee sauntered up slurping on a soda.

That’s when the great-grandmother noticed that the attacker had dropped something in the scooter.

“I reached down to pick it up and it was her phone. She had dropped her phone in my buggy. Seems God did that, so we could find her,” the victim said.


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