• October 28, 2021

DISGUSTING: Wife Pops 4 Year Old Pimple on Husband’s Cheek [VIDEO]

A man had suffered with a pimple on his cheek for four years.  His wife bravely agreed to pop it for him and she didn’t even wear gloves. It has become a phenomenon that pimple popping videos have become extremely popular and the biggest and grossest are the most popular.

 Don’t watch this while you’re eating.

This gruesome footage shows the disgusting moment a loving woman popped her husband’s spot for him.

Squeezing the angry zit in the middle of his cheek, Khristina Powell should be a contender for the unofficial ‘wife of the year’ award.

Wade, 28, who had the spot for four years, winces in pain as the pimple suddenly erupts into a yellow stream of pus under her brute force.
During the three-minute battle, Mrs Powell digs her pink nails into each side of the lump to get a firm grip.

Pushing harder and harder, the fluid then flies out of his face, prompting her in a strong American accent to warn him that it may smell.
Closing his eyes to try and dampen the pain, Wade can be heard groaning during the stomach-churning ordeal.

Eventually most of the cream cheese-like liquid streams out of his cheek, leaving her with his blood on the end of her fingernails.
But thankfully, despite the pain he was put through, Mr Powell was happy with the outcome. He said: ‘It was an instant relief when it was over.’


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