• May 29, 2023

Look Who Joined The Fight Against ISIS

Sunday, the West’s newest ally joined the fight against ISIS with an early morning attack against the Jihadist fighters in the oil rich areas South of Kirkuk, Iraq. The members of an elite team moved into an area of farmland where they encountered the ISIS henchmen. In the ensuing attack, the team left behind at least three dead ISIS terrorists according to Iraq.com reports.

It was not reported if there were any injuries to the allied force during the assault, or what prompted the attack at this time. The team is only identified as the “wild boars” and says that they attacked the farmland in northern Iraq and reportedly killed three ISIS jihadists. It goes on to say that the team fought like wild animals and showed no mercy to the ISIS thugs. According to local sources, they simply went on a rampage and cut down three ISIS militants, a local news site reported. While the details on how exactly the militants died were unclear, a local source told a reporter that “other Islamic State militants took revenge on the pigs that attacked the farmland.”


While that would normally be a grave insult to any soldier, being called pigs in this case is very accurate. You see, the ISIS attackers were in fact a group of wild Boar that are known to inhabit the area. One can only imagine the horrible death the ISIS terrorists received at the hands of these wild animals. But however bad it was, you can be sure that it was justified. Somehow it just seems fitting that murdering scum such as the ISIS terrorists should end up as pig food.

Since ISIS took over the area some two years ago, tens of thousands of Iraqis and Kurds have fled the region. But many of them have never made it to the refugee camps that have sprang up in the surrounding province and neighboring cities due to roving ISIS kill squads. For months, local Kirkuk officials have begged the Iraqi government to liberate ISIS held areas around the population center in northwestern Iraq, but that has not yet happened leaving the people trapped there to endure the harsh rule of the Muslim terrorist group.

Currently the Government has it’s full military power concentrated far to the West engaged in a do or die attack to retake the captured city of Mosul, which is the terrorist groups largest prize in Iraq. As a result, it would appear that the people of Kirkuk are destined to live under ISIS rule at least until that battle is over.

ISIS members in the Kirkuk frequently execute civilians over accusations of supporting the Iraqi security forces or trying to escape the province to refugee camps. The only really good news in this story is that because pigs are considered “unclean” by Muslims, there will probably be no 72 virgins for the three terrorists killed by the pigs, nor will they see the streets of Paradise.

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