Rattlesnake Vs Kitty, Who Will Win

Last week, Police were called to a popular local park and hiking trail when citizens were startled to find a huge Rattlesnake near the walking trail. But what was even more shocking to witnesses, was that an ordinary tiger stripped house cat seemed to be holding the snake at bay. Witness said the cat was calmly laying there watching the snake, blocking it from getting any closer to the hiking trail. Meanwhile the snake, obviously upset, laid in a coiled position ready to strike at any moment.


Police in Laguna Vista, Texas later warned people about the end of snake hibernation season with a photo of the cat facing off with the mad rattlesnake. The picture, which was posted to the departments Facebook page, got a lot of attention to say the least. So the Laguna Vista Police Department shared a series of photos asking for residents to be careful after the large rattlesnake was found near a walking trail.

cat and snake

But it is the one picture of the cat starring down the huge snake that really got peoples attention. If it was you or I that was that close to an upset Rattlesnake, we would probably be a lot more nervous than the kitty appears to be. The Tiger cat appeared to be fearless in the face of danger, almost nonchalant about the whole encounter.

Police officers did arrive at he scene and after confirming that it was in fact a rattlesnake, called out animal control who captured the snake and hauled it way from the walking trail. The incident all started when a bird-watching group noticed the cat and the snake engaged in a starring contest while out for a nature walk.
cat and snake2

Following the incident, the Department issued the following warning to area residents and visitors: “We ask that you all use caution and are aware of your surroundings when walking on the walking trail or any other locations. Snakes come out of hibernation this time of the year and many are more aggressive due to being hungry.” the post went on to say: while they are most active in months where temperatures reach 80-90 degrees, they can be encountered anytime the temperature is about 60.” The police department urged caution.

The police department’s Facebook deemed the kitty the “Fearless Laguna Vista Cat.” They took the snake away from walkers — and away from the brave cat.

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