• October 1, 2022

District Attorney Said Store Owner Performed a Public Service By Killing Robber

public service

The district attorney of Levittown, Pennsylvania says that Kenneth Lee, owner of a pharmacy in Levittown, would not be charged with killing a man who entered his place of business armed with a shotgun,he tried to hide using an umbrella.  Lee warned the would be robber several times but he kept charging right at him.  Lee fired nearly a dozen shots and at least one of them proved to be fatal.  The DA said not only that Lee would not be charged but that he had done the city a service:

“There is no thought that we would prosecute the shooter in this case. He was entirely justified in his conduct, and frankly should be commended. From what I can see, he performed a public service in taking out this fella.”

“The fella asked for what he got and he got it.”

Police are still investigating and have not yet given the name of the deceased.

Lee was saved by the great camera system he had installed and he knew the man was armed before he even made it inside the door.

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