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Muslim Thug Brags About Attacking Trump Supporter




A Muslim thug bragged about assaulting a Trump supporter in California.  Why doesn’t he try that in West Virginia?  Montana?  North Dakota?  Alaska? Utah?  You know, in a state where law abiding citizens are allowed to arm themselves for protection.  That you will never see.  I mean bravery isn’t these thugs strong suit.  As we saw in San Jose, it took a gang of men to take on and attack a helpless woman.  So, too, this man was chased by a group of thugs and was probably worn out by time this loser got to him.




The thug’s Twitter handle is  “Houdini @sizzle_seyf”.  Here are some of his posts:

“#ramadanconfessions me and the homies would stain Super America and come to the masjid for iftar????”

“Nigga trump be picking the wrong cities to go to fuckin clown ?? smh #sanjose #fucktrump”

Houdini posted a couple selfie videos from the protest including this one in which he can seen wearing a black shirt pulled up around his neck as also seen in the ABC News video:

As you can see by this next video, the same guy was acting very non confrontational before he was attacked:

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