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Two Teenage Girls Viciously Attack 78 Year Old Woman on the Subway


A 78 year old woman asked two teenage girls to move their legs, so that she could sit down on the subway.  They did move their legs and their arms, as they mercilessly attacked the woman.  The girls were taken into custody after their mothers saw the video on TV and they marched them down to the police station themselves.  I hope this will be a good lesson for the girls and nice going moms.  Not so much that the girls are punished for their actions, although that’s important, too.  But so that they will think twice before repeating their actions.

The badly bruised woman was taken to the hospital, where she was treated and later released, returning to the nursing home where she lives.  She had wounds to her face, head and various parts of her body.  One of the girls was asked why she beat the woman up and all she could say was, “Oh my God, shut up.”

There was surveillance film of the incident and when it was played on the TV, both mothers recognized their daughter and they escorted them to the Bed-Sty (Bedford-Stuyvesant) one of the worst sections in New York City.  I have been to Bed-Sty a few times and I was always glad to be out of there.  Crime and drugs are rampant.

A man named Winston (One name like Cher, Fabio and Madonna) who lives in the same nursing home voiced his disgust about the attack:

“It’s disgusting.”

Vera Walker added:

“She was a senior citizen.  I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today.”


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