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District Judge BLOCKS Trump’s Immigration Order— All Hell Is About To Break Loose

President Trump latest move to stop a thousands-strong migrant caravan from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has just been halted by the legal system.


Trump, in an effort to deter caravan members from illegally crossing into the U.S., ordered a blanket refusal to accept asylum claims. He instead said anyone from the caravan wishing to claim asylum should go through port of entries along the border and enter legally.

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar, a judge appointed by former President Obama in 2012, struck down the order which barred the immigrants from entering the country through any means necessary to claim asylum.

BuzzFeed News has more:

A federal judge in San Francisco on Monday questioned the legality of the Trump administration’s new restrictions on asylum-seekers, suggesting to government attorneys that the new regulations undermined Congress’s message when it passed legislation on who can apply for asylum.

At one point during the hearing, US District Judge Jon Tigar, who was nominated to the court by former President Barack Obama, asked Department of Justice attorney Scott Stewart that if the Immigration and Nationality Act states that all individuals can apply for asylum regardless of where they enter the United States, but the administration’s policy blocks those who enter illegally from receiving asylum, then “what’s left of that expression of congressional intent?”

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