This Cotton Ball Hack Will Make Your Garbage Smell AMAZING!

Taking out the trash daily can be tiring especially if you had to go down a flight of stairs or walk a few kilometers to the dumpster, but keeping trash it could also be horrible as you have to endure the foul smell that most garbage cans invoke.


Years back, there were no scented bags or modernized trash cans that are currently in vogue now. Trash had to be taken out on a daily basis to ward off the bad aroma that can invade the home from trash left unattended to.

Although your trash may never smell like rose flowers, it doesn’t always have to be totally nasty. According to the people at Apartment Therapy, there are a few schemes you can employ to make your trash smell nice which includes putting a dryer sheet into your trash can, adding litter from kittens into the bottom of the trash can, or spraying baking soda into the can.

If you’ve always had to cope with the foul odor evolving from your trash, and you don’t have the advantage of taking out the trash at the end of every day, then this trick is all you need to make your trash have a sweet fragrance. The cotton ball hack to make trash smell nicely is not only easy to do but also the best to use.

 All you need for this hack is a cotton ball or two and a few drops of essential oil. Immerse the cotton ball in the essential oil and wait for the best result ever. Not only will the oil-soaked cotton ball purify the insides of your trash can, it would also leave your surroundings smelling great.

You can use any choice of essential oil, but the best ones that would perform efficiently are those made from citrus, like the lemongrass which has an advantage of combating bacteria and equating odors, while stronger oils like tea tree, mint and neem would keep away insects from your garbage.

You could decide to use the scented cotton ball dipped in essential oil trick as soon as you start noticing a nasty smell around your trash or you could make a practice of putting the cotton ball in every time you are starting a new trash.This trick is best effective when you make it a ritual to throw in a cotton ball at the beginning of every new trash. The awesomeness of this hack is that it is very simple and easy to adopt as a practice.


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