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Do you believe liberal beliefs are psychotic: See what political science study reveals



Based upon The American Journal of Political Science study correction, it is official, liberal political beliefs and not conservative ones are actually linked to “psychoticism,” reported the Daily Pundit. So, you Americans in the heartland can rest assured that rabid Hillary supporters and not President Donald Trump supporters were the real politically unhinged protesters in 2016. Are you surprised?

The mainstream media has been relying on the incredibly erroneous study findings since its publication in 2012. In fact, Hillary’s campaign as well as the DNC had incorrectly targeted Trump supporters as being crazed, rabid and dangerously prone to violence.  The highly cited political-science journal that published the study claimed conservatives were more likely to show traits associated with “psychoticism” now says it got it wrong. Very wrong,” reported the New York Post.

For the GOP, presidential candidate, the revelation of the correction that revealed that liberal beliefs were in fact a bit on the crazy side were muted in the liberal press. Yet the lie based upon the erroneous report was cited 45 times, according to Thomson Reuters Web of Science. These dire liberal traits “that are associated with psychoticism include risk taking, sensation seeking, impulsiveness, and authoritarianism,” were used as weapons in advertisements against him.

For the average conservative or non-political voter, the half a billion-dollar political ad campaign that was waged against candidate Trump by Hillary Clinton and the liberal media had to be bewildering.  Presidential candidate Trump never engaged in impulsiveness or sensation seeking in his campaign ads.  Instead President Trump relied upon his “Keep America Great Again” message to resonate without fanfare with voters.

President Trump message reached into the homes and families in communities that had not turned red in more than a generation.  Clinton on the other hand, true to her political psychotic campaign behavior used campaign tactics to marginalize Trump with defamatory sensationalized commercials. She took the billion-dollar campaign risk and lost.

For those pundits who inaccurately relied upon this political research to build an incorrect and misleading political narrative against Trump and other conservatives there is a lesson here that should be heeded. According to professor Steven Ludeke of the University of Southern Denmark, who found the errors in the study, stressed that these errors “matter quite a lot,” reported the New York Post.  He added, “The erroneous results represented some of the larger correlations between personality and politics ever reported; they were reported and interpreted, repeatedly, in the wrong direction.”

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