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Radical Muslim Kills Policeman Execution Style in Denver

Joshua Cummings walked up from behind  RTD contract security officer Scott Van Lanken as he was talking to two women and promptly and without warning, shot him in the head.




Police say that they found radical literature in Cummings’ backpack.

FOX 31 reported:

The man suspected of shooting and killing a uniformed RTD contract security officer in Lower Downtown late Tuesday night has been described as a “radical Muslim,” law enforcement sources told FOX31 Denver.

The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Joshua Cummings.

Two sources told FOX31 Denver that investigators found jihadist materials in Cummings’ backpack and those materials are now being investigated.

Scott Von Lanken, 56, was shot and killed, the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner confirmed.

The shooting happened about 11 p.m. at 16th and Wynkoop streets on Union Station Plaza, one block from Union Station, police said.

“This is an incredibly sad day for us, and on behalf of the entire RTD family I extend my prayers and express my sincere condolences to the officer’s family, friends and loved ones,” RTD general manager and CEO Dave Genova said in a statement.

Police said at a news conference Wednesday morning that two women were asking the armed security officer about light rail routes when a man approached from behind, pointed a gun at the officer’s neck and fired.


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