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Doctors Say Illegal Aliens Bringing in the “New Aids”



One of the many complaints that Obama has gotten over his open borders policies is that he allows people with serious diseases to come into the country.  The newest revelation is that illegal aliens are bringing in a disease that’s devestating and many times a doctor doesn’t know what he’s looking at and that allows the disease to grow,  Doctors are calling it the “New Aids.”

The disease is carried by the  Reduviid bug,, which is also called the love bug because it seems to prefer to bite people on the face.

From The US Herald:

Doctors have dubbed it the “silent killer,” as the bug strikes in the middle of the night and the symptoms of a bite are usually not detected by the average doctor.

The nasty little bug carries the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, which can cause Chagas disease in humans. Since people don’t typically feel sick after being infected, treatment isn’t sought and even if it was, health care workers would not know to test for it.

Chagas can result in intestinal complications, heart failure and causes heart disease in about thirty percent of those infected, which most doctors would attribute to other causes due to lack of awareness of the new threat.

Because the symptoms of Chagas can be linked to other common causes, Susan Montgomery of the CDC’s parasitic diseases branch stated that there may be more cases in the United States than what’s been confirmed.

“We don’t know how often that is happening because there may be cases that are undiagnosed, since many doctors would not think to test their patients for this disease,” Montgomery said.

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