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Dog Abandoned For Shocking Reason – Owner Faces Charges [VIDEO]

A Californian woman, Sherri Haughton, is being charged with multiple misdemeanor charges after she dropped her dog off at a vet and never returned for him. The dog, Henry, was dropped off and a false story was given by Haughton. She claimed she found him on the beach wandering around and picked him and dropped him off. That story was later proved false by another veterinarian office in the same area which states she brought Henry in to be looked over some time before and was made aware of his medical conditions, but chose not to have them treated at that time.


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Woman Charged After Abandoning Dog With 42-Pound Tumor

A California woman who abandoned a dog with a 42-pound tumor has been charged with various misdemeanors.

According to AWM, a woman named Sherri Haughton abandoned her golden retriever, Henry, because she did not want to deal with the dog’s condition.

Henry had a massive tumor, weighing in at 42 pounds, which nearly doubled his body weight, making simple tasks such as walking and going to the bathroom incredibly difficult for him.

Haughton claimed that she found Henry wandering on a nearby beach before she dropped him off at a veterinary hospital and never returned. However, that claim was later proven to be false.

According to KTLA, Jennifer Malone of the Orange County District Attorney’s office says that Haughton gave false information to the vet, which delayed the investigation. Haughton was Henry’s owner and, upon learning about his condition from another vet, neglected to get him treatment. Instead, she abandoned him, further delaying treatment needed to save his life.

Now, Haughton has been charged with misdemeanor counts of animal neglect, animal abuse causing life-threatening injuries, failure to care for an animal, and interfering with Newport Beach animal control officer’s investigation. She was not arrested, according to KTLA, but faces up to two years in Orange County jail if convicted.

Fortunately, after Henry was abandoned at the veterinary hospital, he was transported to Newport Beach Animal Control, where he underwent life-saving surgery.

“Most vets that we’ve asked and have been involved in his story have never seen (a tumor) that big,” Valerie Schomberg, an animal-control supervisor in Newport Beach, told KTLA.

According to Inside Edition, Schomberg made it her mission to get Henry the treatment he needed and got the 7-year-old dog a $500 grant to help cover his bills at the vet.

The surgery was successful and Henry is now being looked after by a foster family, who is monitoring his condition. He is receiving ongoing treatment to help him fully recover.

“He’s a happy dog now that he’s received the treatment that he needs,” said animal control officer Nick Ott, with the Newport Beach Police Department.

During a news conference, officials said that there are resources available for pet owners to care for their pets if they cannot afford to do so. The Orange County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers help to those unable to pay for animal treatment. Local residents can donate to the organization in order to help care for pets in need of treatment as well.

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