• October 6, 2022

A Dog’s Miraculous Journey To Find Her Owner In A Cedar Rapids Hospital

There’s nothing like the loyalty of our four legged canine friends and this story confirms the love they have for their humans.

Nancy Frank, was admitted to a Cedar Rapids hospital and it would seem her best friend didn’t much like being separated from her. So, what would you do, if your best friend was in the hospital? You would go to her. Well, that’s what Sissy did.

As reported by KMOV4/CBS Her owners let her outside and she took off for the hospital. In fact, she travel more than 15 blocks, and it took her 4 hours to get to her. How she tracked her way to the hospital, no one knows but she did show up in the waiting room where hospital staff identified her from her dog tags.

Sissy’s owner, Nancy Frank, was delighted to see her beloved pet and there she stays, with her, while she recovers.

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