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Dr Phil Defines Narcissism For The View…He Describes Obama

Dr Phil appeared on the View and Joy Behar tried to make the case that President Trump is narcissist.  Evidently, Dr Phil was tipped off and brought a list of symptoms with him to the show.  As he read each one of Behar, a known retard checked each one off as Dr Phil read them, not realizing he was describing Obama to a tee.



One of the symptoms is continually talking about oneself.  Here are a few examples:

In meeting with the Chicago Cubs, Obama mentioned himself 40 times

In honoring dead policemen in Dallas, Obama referred to himself 45 times.

While praising Hillary at the national convention, referred to himself 119 times.

In explaining why he was Going to legislate by EO, he mentioned himself 119 times.

In President Trump’s Inauguration speech, he mentioned himself twice.  He mentioned God four times and mentioned the American people countless times.

Dr Phil also pointed out that a narcissist believes he is so smart no one can understand him.  That’s Obama.

Trump got elected by talking in plain language the average citizen can understand.

Dr Phil also said that several of the women on The View have narcissistic tendencies.  And that moron Behar never caught on.

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