Drug Crazed Man Violently Murders Pregnant Woman And 17-Year-Old Girl

A man was arrested a longboarder after killing a preganat woman and a minor while he reportedly under the influence of drugs at a resort in San Juan Siquijor, Philippines.


Michael Manayon, 34-years old, allegedly stabbed Loreen Ramirez, 17, and Nikki Pinero, who was three months pregnant inside the house of the Bruce Resort’s owner.

According to police investigation, Manayon was a participant of the international longboarding competition held in the town. He is also a friend of Ramirez’s boyfriend.

PO2 Reck Chel Perez, San Juan police assistant investigator, said that Pinero’s female companion, Carla Jean (not her real name), saw Manayon stab Ramirez first. Pinero, 21, had the chance to escape, but she opted to stay and help Ramirez, who was still breathing. Carla Jean ran, shouted at Pinero to hide, before she hid in one of the rooms. She later heard Pinero scream, then fall silent. Manayon left the house and roamed the beachfront restlessly.

Other members of the group heard what was happening while the victims are being stabbed and they claimed that the suspect was hallucinating at the time of the incident.

The victims were rushed to Siquijor Provincial Hospital but were declared dead on arrival.

Manayon was arrested by a team of police officers where the authorities have confiscated six large packs of dried marijuana leaves estimated to be weighing half kilo. According to the police, Manayon may have been planning to sell marijuana in the area. He will be charged with double murder and possession of illegal drugs.

In an interview, Manayon admitted that he planned to kill Ramirez’s boyfriend, after the latter threatened to inform the police that he had marijuana.

The suspect will be charged with double murder and possession of illegal drugs.

Police have called the attention of the organizers for allegedly not requesting security for the event.

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