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Elderly Woman Upset Atheist Had Nativity Scene Banned, So She Had 61 More Built



Last year an atheist forced the Baxter County Arkansas nativity scene removed.  Sue Chrisco , an 81 year old woman, didn’t get angry, she got busy.  She contacted every church in Baxter County and 61 of them built their own nativity displays which atheists can’t touch.  She says that next year, she wants every county in Arkansas to do the same.

According to USA Today, Judge Timothy L. Brooks ruled in November of 2015 that the Nativity scene violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment. A suit against the display had been filed by the American Humanist Association and resident Dessa Blackthorn, who had been denied permission to put a sign saying “Happy Winter Solstice” on the lawn of the courthouse.

According to the Arkansas Times, the county decided to abide by the decision, not out of agreement but to avoid the cost of defending against the lawsuit.

Baxter County Judge Mickey Pendergrass said that “to protect the County from any further liability we will abide by the courts ruling, I will not risk this county or its purse to assume any loss that would be ours if we went to an appeal on our own and lost. We will not appeal this judgement even as much as we disagree with the judge’s opinion and judgment.”

According to Arkansas Baptist News, Sue Chrisco, a member of Sage Baptist Church in a nearby county, came up with the perfect rebuke to the lawsuit. She began a campaign to encourage other churches to put up Nativity scenes on their front lawns.

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