Employee Of Daycare Captures Shocking Abuse On Hidden Camera [VIDEO]

Sometimes the people you least suspect can be child abuse perpetrators.

In a horrific story out of the Midwest, we learn that 58-year-old Lynn Rowe, owner and operator of Lynn’s Learning Center in Omaha, Nebraska, has been arrested after a video taken at her daycare center shows her attacking a four-year-old girl was shown to the police.

The videotape of Rowe’s attack on the child, which happened on March 28, shows the woman repeatedly shaking, cursing and slapping the child.

At one point you can see her tell the four-year-old girl to “quit messing with your hair,” and then slaps her. Then later, when the little girl is crying, the cruel Rowe can be heard saying “good, I hope it hurts you.”

Note that the video was taken by an employee who says that she was too stunned and scared to do anything at the time. However, the former daycare worker gave the video to the little girl’s parents a couple of days later, and the parents contacted local police.

Al and Kelly Meyers, who are the mother and father of the abused child, were interviewed by a local TV station, and they note they had known Rowe for quite a few years. Apparently, Rowe had provided child care for their daughter since she was eleven weeks old, and had also taken care of their older son.

The Meyers noted they were feeling “a lot of anger, mixed emotions too. You’re mad, you’re sad, you’re confused, upset, I mean we feel betrayed by her. We considered these people family. We entrusted them with the care of our children. She’s just lucky she wasn’t home that night after we saw the video.”

Rowe is now looking at several felony charges relating to the incident. Note that police in Omaha are still investigating to determine if they can locate any other victims of Rowe’s abuse.


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