• October 26, 2021

Epidemic of Pedophiles Crossing Our Southern Border


The Border Patrol have been catching previously arrested and deported sexual pedophiles and predators trying to cross into the United States from Mexico.  The fact they are catching so many wouldn’t be a big deal if our porous borders didn’t mean there a lot that we aren’t catching.  In the border town of McAllen, Texas, five sex offenders were caught.

On Wednesday, the Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) of the Border Patrol confirmed to Breitbart that they had captured five pedophiles who are sexual predators at the border.  One man from Guatemala, is a known violent sexual predator.   Walter Leonel Vasquez Zacarias, was picked up along with six others trying to invade our country.  Zacarias was convicted in 2009 and sentenced in March of 2009 for“aggravated sexual battery victim under 13 years of age”.  His sentence was for ten years.  For some odd reason, eight years of his sentence was removed and he was deported through Houston in 2010.

The other four were unnamed but one was from Guatemala and he had been convicted of “aggravated sexual battery victim under 13 years of age” also.  Another one from Guatemala was previously convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.  There were also two Mexicans who were convicted of indecent liberties with a child and the second one for sexual assault.

We need to close the borders to keep scum like this out of the country.  The same party that worries to death that illegals are slighted, could care less if America’s children are raped and possibly even killed by these sexual predators.

Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla Jr read a prepared statement thanking the agents for doing their jobs well:

“Border Patrol agents remain vigilant in their efforts to protect this nation from all threats including predators and convicted criminals attempting to illegally enter the country.  Thanks to the hard work of Border Patrol agents, these dangerous criminals were unable to make it into our communities.”

It’s not their fault Obama doesn’t allow them to do more.