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Ever Notice That Women Live Longer Than Men..Here’s the Reasons Why [SLIDESHOW]

For years we have seen reports that women live longer than men and there have been just as many reasons given why that is a fact.  Myself, I don’t try to understand women.  Women understand women and they hate each other.  If there were as many lesbian women as there are straight males, that could close the gap between the sexes but currently most women drive men to an early grave.


All kidding aside, there are many reasons why women live longer than men and in the following slideshow, you will see a few of them.

Wherever they live in the world, women live longer than men.

Perhaps it’s because the male of the species is prone to taking more risks, as these toe-curling photos reveal.

One sees a worker acting as a human table while his colleague takes a power saw to the plank of wood balancing on his back.

Another captures a group of young men in an inflatable pool with a makeshift arrangement of power cables leading into it.

Several snaps rounded up by MailOnline Travel involve the precarious use of ladders, while others display examples of very dangerous driving. 


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