• May 24, 2024

Every Three Years The Tribe On Sulawesi Island Dig Up Dead Relatives And

Talk about nothing to do! The people on Sulawesi Island are so bored they dig up their dead relatives and give them a make over celebrate and rebury. I do not know about you,but this is a bit of culture I can do without. Disease, germs, rotting flesh, it’s really not necessary to go through that.

According to Rightwingnews:

Every three years, the tribe from Sulawesi island excavate their dead, they then proceed to wash their bodies and prepare some clothes for them to wear then pose for family photographs in a festival known as Ma’nene.This ceremony, which translates into ‘The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses,’ is about a century old.To these people, the funeral and burial of their loved ones is a big deal.It’s not uncommon for these people to save their money for their own funerals, or the funerals of their loved ones. The more money they can save, the bigger and better the funeral is. Think of it as some type of going out with a bang ‘retirement’ fund.

This is not a family gathering I would want to attend, but to each culture his own, and I’m not going to try and change it. I am sure there are those that would like to, but we will leave it for another day. What do you think of this ceremony?

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