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Evil Pelosi Admits in “60 Minutes” Tongue-Bath Interview that Motivation for Impeachment Is To Ensure “He Never Runs Again” (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh was right.
They’re absolutely TERRIFIED of Donald Trump!

And they should be.
Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide with more blacks, latinos, immigrants, gays and Jews than 2016.
Trump won all of the bellwether counties and nearly every GOP toss-up House race.

Trump won at least 74.2 million votes and that does not count the votes that were subtracted from his totals on live TV.
Joe Biden reportedly won 81 million votes despite losing 200 more counties than Obama in either race.
Our sources say Biden won only 58 million votes which is more believable.

Without Trump the Republican Party is dead.

Democrats can’t beat Trump without cheating.


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