• October 6, 2022

Ex Navy Seal Slams Obama For Supporting Islamic Terrorists Over U.S. Soldiers

Speaking on a radio show Tuesday, former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie slammed President Barack Obama’s administration for putting the concerns of radical Islamic terrorists over the well-being of U.S. soldiers.

He recalled when he and his team caught al-Qaeda leader Ahmed Hashim Abd al-Isawi in 2009. Instead of thanking him, officials in the Obama administration accused Higbie and his fellow Navy SEALs of abusing al-Isawi.

It felt as if al-Isawi “was more important” than either him or his team members, Higbie said while speaking on Tim Constantine’s Capitol Hill Show, according to The Washington Times.

Three of the SEAL’s team members were later court-martialed, though thankfully, they were found not guilty.

“The fact is we did nothing wrong,” Higdie said.

Except, of course, for violating the president’s absurd rules regarding political correctness and the need to care about the poor little terrorists’ feelings.

“It’s the politically correct culture — apologetic culture — that Obama has put into place that’s bred these types of rulers of law rather than leaders of men,” Higbie added in reference the officials who targeted his team.

Higbie is certainly not alone in his criticism. Last year, the Conservative Tribune cited quotes from numerous military officials and members who were fed up with the way Obama has weakened our forces, demoralized our soldiers and left us as a nation at grave risk of being attacked.

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