• June 13, 2024

Fake Black and Hispanic Media Applauds Clinton


Hillary Clinton has been receiving criticism for not holding a press conference since December of last year.  Her propagandists have pointed to the fact that she has done many one on one interviews which included really tough questions like “What is your favorite color?” (She answered blue even though it’s red out of force of habit of withholding the truth) ” and “Is Donald Trump closer to Hitler or Stalin?”   They billed her trip to the Black and Hispanic media conference in Washington as a “press conference” but like all things Hillary, that was a lie.

Early on it became evident that it wasn’t a real press conference.  (I predict we will soon learn all questions were planted)  real media is supposedly unbiased but the conference crowd was cheering Hillary’s answers.  Real press does not do that. They at least pretend to be impartial.  Even Glenn Kessler, the ultra biased fact checker with the Washington Post found it to be over the top and unusual.

From The Hill:

Applause from members of the media was heard throughout Hillary Clinton‘s address Friday to a joint convention of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in Washington, D.C. 

The event, attended by more than 1,500 journalists, discourages applause from journalists during speeches by political candidates. Before Clinton’s appearance, conference staffers went around the room reminding people that it’s inappropriate for journalists to give politicians standing ovations.

Byron Tau


Speaking to black and Hispanic journalist associations, Clinton is drawing applause for her policy proposals.

More from The Hill:

“Now I think journalists have a special responsibility to our democracy in a time like this,” the Democratic presidential nominee said. “It’s a badge of honor when Jorge Ramos gets thrown out of press conference for challenging Donald Trump. Or when another news organization gets banned for reporting what he says.”

Clinton was referring to a press conference last year when Trump had Ramos, a Univision anchor, removed by security after repeatedly interrupting the candidate and asking questions when not called upon. 

“Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton has placed an emphasis on inclusion and shown support for communities of color,” said Mekahlo Medina, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, before the event. 

The real media at the conference was barred from asking Clinton questions.

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