• May 31, 2023

Family Thought They Were Living With a Ghost: Then One Day They Get Proof

For years, the Watts family believed they were living with a ghost.  Nothing sinister or threatening ever happened.  It was just good natured pranks, things moving about and a disembodied voice calling “Mum”.  It wasn’t just the family who noticed things.  One of the sons had a friend who refused to spend the night anymore after experiencing something.  Babysitters would refuse to ever come back.  Then, on Grace’s tenth birthday a picture was taken and an image in the mirror was seen.  It appeared to be a small boy.

 The mother of five has now claimed it could be a spirit who lived with the for 12 years in their old home.

Ms Watts, from Brynhyfryd, North Wales, said: ‘We came out with the cake and Charlotte stood to the side to take the picture.

‘Charlotte and I were looking through the photos later and then I noticed the child behind me in the mirror. It completely freaked us out.

‘I did wonder if there anyone missing, but there was only one child not in the picture but sat on the other sofa where I could see.

‘Charlotte’s eyes filled up. We said: “We can find an explanation for it.”

‘Initially I thought it was my son Ollie, but then you can see him sat on the sofa in the picture.

‘There were only five kids there at the party and they were only there in the room. Charlotte was taking the picture and my other son Eddie was away camping.

‘There’s literally no explanation for it. We were trying to work out what had happened, trying to re-enact it without scaring the kids.’

Sally said: ‘A neighbour overheard a conversation we’d been having and said his mother used to live in our house.

‘We found out her brother died there when he was six. He had been playing out and slipped on the wet step and died.

‘We found out his name was Anthony. We’d already named him, we used to call him Michael.’

But despite the revelation, Sally says she and her children carried on as normal living side-by-side with their resident spook.

Ms Watts, mother to Charlotte, 18, Eddie, 14, Grace, 13, Ollie, six, and Freya, 18 months, said: ‘The children were aware of him, they used to talk quite openly about him all the time.

‘One of my friend’s sons wouldn’t sleep over anymore because of it.

‘We overheard the children’s conversation once, and he was saying: “He won’t leave us alone, I’m scared.”

‘My children were saying: “He’s not like a Scooby Doo ghost, he just wants to play, it’s fine.”

‘There were times when I’d wake up and in that brief second I’d see him standing by the bed just breathing and then he’d be gone.
‘Babysitters used to refuse to come back, they could hear things being picked up on the intercom.’

Now years later, Sally is still shocked by the picture that she claims could be ‘Michael’ paying the family a visit.

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