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Father and Son on a Fishing Trip When Shark Bigger Than Their Boat Appears [VIDEO]

A father and son were fishing off the coast of Australia when a Great White Shark, bigger than their boat starts circling.  The two cowered inside their boat, knowing that if the shark attacked their boat, they were doomed.  The father’s hands were shaking as he continued to film the gigantic shark, while his 10 year old boy tried to stay away from the edge of the boat.


In a video uploaded online by Craig Hudson, the monster shark slowly drifts through the water and comes terrifyingly close to their small vessel 15km off the coast of Busselton in Western Australia.

The man and his 10-year-old son watch on in horror as they film the five-metre creature encircle their boat – as the young boy becomes frightened by the shark

‘I’m f***ing shaking right now, that thing is massive,’ Mr Hudson can be heard saying in the footage.

‘It’s probably bigger than the boat… getting a bit close now. I can’t even keep the camera still I’m shaking that much.’

After realising the shark was as big as the 16ft boat they were in, Mr Hudson said he quickly cut all of his fishing lines and instructed his son to sit in the bottom of the boat.

‘I was going to get out of there ASAP but thought I would get some footage as it is a once in a lifetime chance,’ he said.

H/T The Mail Online


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