• April 19, 2024

Father Of Guard Member Who’s Son Helped Stop Terrorist Attack Speaks Out

An Oregon National Guard Member is being hailed a hero after he helped stop a potential terrorist attack on a train in Europe.

Alek Skarlatos was on vacation when he helped take down an Islamist militant on a train that was traveling between Amsterdam and Paris.

Alek’s was with a good friend, who happens to be in the Air Force, and together, along with two Marines, took down a gunman, who was apparently preparing to attack with a lot of ammunition.

Alek’s father, Emanuel Skarlatos, said he’s very proud of his son.

According to Emanuel, who spoke with Alek earlier today, said Alek was not hurt but his friend was hurt by the gunman as they wrestled him to the ground.

He said that friend will be OK.

FOX 12 spoke on the phone with Emanuel who is home in Roseburg.

He’s is very proud of his son and a bit emotional as well.

“I was worried something had happened but he told me he was OK. Then I was flushed with pride and I still am,” said Emanuel. “Very scary. But they’re both heroes and they saved a lot of people’s lives, and I’m so proud of them for that.”

The suspect, a Moroccan national, was arrested when the train was rerouted to a town north of Paris.

Found at KPTV

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