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Unarmed Marines Take Down Jihadist Who Opened Fire On Paris Train

Why am I not surprised that it was two Marines. “Semper Fidelis” G-d bless them and may the seriously injured Marine make a speedy recovery.

Unarmed Marines overpower Islamist gunman on French train
Moroccan man opens fires, injures US serviceman; suspect said known to intelligence services
By AFP and Times of Israel staff August 22, 2015

CNN reported that two US Marines, in civilian clothing, overpowered the suspected Islamic State-linked gunman who was loading his Kalashnikov assault rifle, and that the he’d had fired on the Marines with a handgun.One of the people injured in an attack on a French train was a US military member, the Pentagon confirmed Friday, amid reports that the Marines had overpowered the shooter and stopped a massacre.

The suspect, who was arrested at a railway station in the northern French town of Arras, was a 26-year-old from Morocco or of Moroccan origin who was known to the intelligence services, French investigators said. Another security official told CNN that the suspect was apparently sympathetic to the Islamic State, but that his connection to the group wasn’t clear. According to the French media, the suspect was linked to several radical Islamist groups and was marked as “potentially dangerous.”

The motives for the shooting were not immediately known, although French prosecutors said a probe was being launched by counter-terrorism investigators.

France has been on edge since Islamist gunmen went on the rampage in January, killing 17 people in the capital Paris.

“I condemn the terrorist attack on the Thalys (train) and express my sympathy to the victims,” Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said on Twitter of the incident which occurred while the train was in Belgian territory.

According to the initial information from investigators, the American soldiers had apparently heard him loading his weapons in the train’s toilet and confronted him when he left the cubicle.

He was then arrested after the TGV train pulled into the station in the French town of Arras with 554 passengers on board, a spokesman for the French state rail company SNCF told AFP.

The gunman was carrying several weapons in his luggage, including a Kalashnikov, an automatic pistol, and razor blades, one police source told AFP.

One victim was hit by a bullet but his life was not in danger, while the second suffered cuts to his elbow caused by a box cutter.

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