• November 29, 2023

FBI and CIA Are Searching For a Traitor Among Their Ranks

Both the FBI and the CIA are searching for what they are calling a traitor in their midst, who gave huge volumes of files on secret capabilities and how they operate among many other things.  Funny, when they were trying to hurt Trump with insider leaks, no one seemed to care.

 Sources familiar with the investigation say it is looking for an insider — either a CIA employee or contractor — who had physical access to the material. The agency has not said publicly when the material was taken or how it was stolen.

Much of the material was classified and stored in a highly secure section of the intelligence agency, but sources say hundreds of people would have had access to the material. Investigators are going through those names.

The trove was published in March by the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks.

In his first public comments as director of the CIA just last week, Mike Pompeo railed against WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.

“It is time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,” he said.

WikiLeaks has said it obtained the CIA information from former contractors who worked for U.S. intelligence. The CIA has not commented on the authenticity of the WikiLeaks disclosures or on the status of the investigation.

The leak is being described as the largest in United States history and the CIA is afraid that it will limit what they can do and give others a starting point in trying to find new ways to outwit the system.

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