• June 27, 2022

Federal Judge OKs Class Action Lawsuit of San Jose Police Stand Down

On Wednesday, federal judge Lucy Koh allowed the lawsuit against the city and individual police officers to go forward, however she dismissed claims against Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Last year, Mayor Sam Liccardo said the lawsuit was baseless.

“The notion that there was some stand down order is ridiculous,” Liccardo said.

City Attorney Rick Doyle is confident the city will prevail. Doyle said Wednesday that police officers didn’t do anything wrong and were trying to maintain some kind of crowd control in a chaotic situation.

What I find interesting in the judge’s decision is that she dropped the chief of police from the lawsuit but allowed the mayor to remain in the hot seat.  Why would she do that?  If I were to venture a guess, she determined that the chief was under orders from the mayor not only to allow protesters to take violent action against Trump supporters, but to actually have police guide Trump supporters to the violent illegal alien mob and SEIU thugs.

According to numerous eye-witness reports, in addition to the lack of action by the undercover police officers, the uniformed police officers were under a departmental order to stand down and not assist any victim of the mob attacks.

Several victims have now approached media to inform them of conversations where they cried out for help during the beatings only to be told by uniformed officers of the San Jose Police Department that they were under strict instructions not to aid any Trump supporter.

San Jose Police Chief Garcia admitted his officers were instructed not to stop violent protesters from beating the Trump rally attendees. In addition the San Jose Mayor has openly admitted to approving the San Jose police departments plans, and blamed Donald Trump for having the audacity to have a rally in “his city“.

Fourteen of the victims had filed a class action suit against the city of San Jose because police refused to protect them even as they stood by and watched the abuse.  The city claimed it was a frivolous lawsuit and asked that it be dismissed.  The judge disagreed and now the case will be going to court.

The San Jose Police Department released documents on the brutal mass beatings of Trump supporters last Thursday outside the San Jose Convention Center.

Trump supporters were assaulted, spit on, beaten, cold-cocked, egged, chased, tackled and bloodied as they left the San Jose Trump rally by mobs of far left, Mexican nationalist, Socialist, SEIU and anarchist thugs.

One female Trump supporter was egged and spit on by hundreds of Mexican nationalists chanting “F*ck you!” Another Trump supporter was cold-cocked with a bag of rocks while walking to his car and left bleeding.

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