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Young Punk Steals Parking Space…Suffers Instant Grandma

Having spent a great deal of time in New York City when I was younger, I know the value of a parking spot.  I’ve known people who would spend a thousand a month just to have a parking spot near their home.  Then one day mark came home from a day out in New Jersey to find that his parking space had been taken.  It was not a pretty sight.


Because of this, I can sympathize with the elderly woman who finally found a parking spot only to have it stolen by a young punk who cut her off and took the space.  As he was walking quickly to wherever he has going the grandma said something to him and he just waved his hand towards her.

Check out the CCTV footage below – this is why you don’t steal a parking spot from grandma…

When the clip starts, you’ll see a Jeep backing out of a parking spot. There is a black Toyota Prius patiently waiting to take the empty spot in the lot.

As the Prius turns into the spot, a Honda zooms through the parking lot and sweeps in, stealing the parking spot.

He pulls in and then quickly leaves the vehicle. The punk is wearing a baseball cap and talking on his cellphone. He clearly doesn’t care about elderly people and just wants to take what is rightfully theirs.

Because Grandma is pissed that he took her spot, she gets out of her car and opens the back door.

The hunched-over lady withdraws a wooden baseball bat and then shuffles over to the Honda. She takes a stance and then winds up the bat. She brings it down into the windshield of the boxy car and starts shattering the glass.

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