• October 27, 2021

Feds Issue Disturbing Threats: Hammond/Bundy Ranch Owners Fear For Their Lives

Clearly, the Federal Government  doesn’t want the scrutiny they received under the Bundy Ranch incident to follow them to the Hammond ranch in Oregon, as they attempt to seize their private property. The Bundy’s, as well as the Hammond’s, are making the folks in D.C. nervous, and we know this because they are receiving some very threatening messaging, through Hammond attorneys, to stop all communications, with each other and the public, and to simply acquiesce to government will. The message is clear. Stop communicating with the Bundy’s or face serious and painful consequence.

Late on Saturday, the Bundy ranch released a statement stating the Hammond’s would be detained, before the assigned January date, for prison, and their time served would be more severe than if they just come along quietly. Ammon Bundy also wrote that a “raid” on the Hammond ranch would commence and that “misery” would be brought to the family if they didn’t stop if they didn’t stop communication with the Bundy’s.

Dear Friends,
Yesterday I received a phone call from Dwight Hammond (74). He said that he was very afraid for his life and for mine as well. 
He informed me that federal agents contacted his attorney. They told Dwight’s attorney that if Dwight and Susie did not end all communication with Ammon Bundy, that they “would detain the Hammond’s early for federal prison and that they would transfer pain to the Hammond family”.
He further said, that he believed “they would bring misery to the whole family”.
Steven Hammond’s attorney also confirmed that federal agents contacted him and hinted a raid on the Hammonds home if they did not end all communication with Ammon Bundy.
On Thursday November 19th, Harney County Sheriff, David Ward, informed me that federal agents indicated to him that if the Hammond’s continued to speaking out, that they may raid the Hammond’s home and detain them early for federal prison. I informed the Sheriff that it was his duty to make sure that did not happen. 
I do not have to explain how this is a violation of individual rights. 
Dwight, Steven and Susie have all told me that they are terrified of what will happen if they continue to communicate with me. In the last phone conversation between Susie and I, she told me that she loved me and was so thankful for what I have done to get the truth out.
She then informed me that she feared that if we continued to talk, federal agents were going to put a bullet in her and Dwight’s heads, and possible mine.
I attempted to instill courage in both Dwight and Susie, but fear had over come them.
This last Wednesday I spent a good part of the day in the Hammond’s home. We spoke for hours. Several times, I found the Hammond’s in tears when they explained the injustices that has destroyed their lives. 
They were hopeful that the American people were going to stand for them. And that, just maybe, they would be able to return to the life they once knew. In just a few short hours, federal agents again have dashed the Hammond’s hope and replaced it with fear.
I hold my tongue against those that would inflict such pain upon these wonderful people. It reminds me of the scripture that reads: “Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn” (D&C 98:9). 
Everyone within the reach of my words must know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that justice is brought to the Hammond’s. I will not stop until the Hammond’s are home free, without fear. I do not fear for my life.  I love the Hammonds, I love the Lord.
With Concern,
Ammon Bundy
It’s important to note that if the Hammond’s return to prison, that Dwight will be nearly 80 years old when he is related and that his son, Stephen will be nearly 50, and the violations of the law of which they were convicted of “terrorism” was to set prescribed fires to grazing land, none of which did damage to the lands, and that they had grazing rights to the property.
While the Hammond’s and Bundy’s have had several communications with the newly elected local sheriff, to educate and inform him of the details of the case, he has made no decision on which side of the issues he has fallen. You are asked to contact the sheriff and urge him to act constitutionally to protect the citizens of Harney County.
Contact Sheriff Ward as soon as possible and then be prepared to gather in Burns, Oregon if necessary.

If e-mail or fax is your choice to contact, please use “Hammond” in the subject line.

David M. Ward, Sheriff
485 N Court Avenue #6
Burns, Oregon 97720-1524
Phone: 541-573-6156
FAX: 541-573-8383

The Hammond ranch is surrounded on four sides by government owned lands and by all appearances they want the Hammond propter as well. The Hammond’s have fought legal issues and sustained heavy fines, over the years to fight for their land, work independently to raise cattle and rights to own private property.
The Bundy Ranch blog lists a call to action list. Leave your contact info if you are willing to stand to help the Hammond’s.
Stay tuned as we hope to have an interview with Ammon Bundy, next week.

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