• June 19, 2024

Finally an Actor Gets a Real Award That He Very Much Deserves

Hollywood is the home of people who give each other awards that they don’t deserve.  Case in point, Meryl Streep.  She had the most hideous performance of all time in Iron Lady and yet she won a ton of awards simply because liberals hate Margaret Thatcher and Streep made her look like a clown with her understated performance.  In fact,Meryl Streep holds the record for nominations for crappy performances in lousy movies.

But once in a while an actor will get an award that he or she richly deserves.  That is the case with the The Marshall Medal as referenced by the United States Army is awarded for “selfless service to the United States of America” in “more than one area or under extraordinary circumstances” that was presented to actor Gary Senise.  He has visited troops with his “Lt Dan Band” and his foundation raises money for veterans.  No one has given more since Bob Hope although Robin Williams also did a lot of entertaining of the troops.

Through his foundation Sinise provides a number of critical services and programs dedicated to those most in need, his program “R.I.S.E. helps build homes specifically designed for those severely wounded veterans, another program dubbed “Soaring Valor, helps WWII veterans with special financing to travel to the National Museum in New Orleans, and pay their respects to those who served during WWII, and the foundation also provides complete support to those recovering from trauma, dubbed ‘Relief & Resiliency Outreach.”

In a statement Sinise acknowledged the tribute saying; “I am honored to be invited to receive the George Catlett Marshall Medal from the Association of the United States Army.It has been a great blessing to know there is something I can do to support the men and women in uniform who defend our nation and I will look forward to expressing my gratitude in person at the Marshall Dinner.”

The event is slated for October 11th in Washington, D.C.