• March 31, 2023

First Clinton Trump Debate Reveals Nothing We Do Not Already Know

We are no more the wiser than we were yesterday at this time. Honestly now did you expect the Calhoun/Webster Debates? It is more of the same rhetoric with both on the same screen. Quite frankly, it was hard to watch, but once I got used to taste of the two candidates, it is clear which direction each wishes to take the country. They are polarized opposites, and if these debates can sway an individual to vote differently based on 90 minutes, maybe they should just stay home and leave it to clearer thinking minds.

According to Hosted.ap.org:

Both candidates portrayed themselves as best-prepared to lead a nation where many are still struggling to benefit from a slow economic recovery and are increasingly fearful of terror threats at home and abroad. When Trump jabbed Clinton for taking time off the campaign trail to study for the debate, she said, “I prepared to be president, and that’s a good thing.” The candidates sparred over trade, taxes and how to bring good-paying jobs back to the United States.

As expected the Debate offered no new light on what we have all been witness to for the last 15 months. So cut through all the media hype and slight of hand and just look at what each of the two candidates stand for and make an educated decision. It really is simple. What do you think?

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