• March 31, 2023

Fisherman Shows How Powerful the Puffer Can Bite..Amazing [VIDEO]


A fisherman in New South Wales caught a puffer fish and he wanted his friend to see just how sharp it’s teeth are.

So he demonstrated it to his friend who was totally amazed.  But what is more famous about the puffer fish is that it’s a known delicacy that can kill you.  Only a very experienced chef can even try to make it.


Me, I try to stay away from anything that can kill me.

A New South Wales fisherman has revealed just how sharp some fish teeth are, filming a fish biting a hole straight through an aluminium can.

The footage uploaded to Facebook shows a pelagic puffer fish lying on the grass and flopping around.

The person filming is holding a can and is heard telling someone else that the fish has already taken one bite from it.

 He then says to his friend he thinks that instead of squid taking chunks out of his fishing line, it may be the fish.

The guy then holds the can up to the camera after the fish has taken a second bite and says ‘Look at that’.

The fish then goes back for a third bite, taking an even large chunk out of the side of the crumpled can.



H/T The Mail Online


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