• October 6, 2022

[Flashback Video] Uppercut Heard ‘Round The World, And The Surprise Ending

One Of The Most Shocking Videos On YouTube Revisited, And The Final Outcome

When I watched this video on YouTube, I laughed until I was red in the face. I couldn’t believe what happened to this girl in what I call the “uppercut heard ’round the world”.

The video went viral a few years ago, and made news outlets everywhere about the girl who got popped in the face, then thrown off the city bus in Cleveland, OH.

The man, Artis Hughes, was 59 at the time of the altercation and was attacked first by then 25 year-old Shieda Lane while he was driving the city bus.

Hughes then stopped the bus and delivered one of the most unbelievable uppercuts I’ve ever seen to Lane’s face. He then proceed to pick up Lane like a bag of trash and literally throw her off of the bus. Lane immediately returned to the bus and Hughes began strangling her before passengers broke up the altercation.

Hughes then made the epic justification for his actions- “I don’t care. She wanna be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man!”

Both Hughes and Lane had their day in court for their involvement in the altercation, and they both paid a price for It too. The lesson I took from this is that rudeness gets out of hand, and men don’t always have self-control when attacked by a woman.

I don’t condone hitting a woman, but a man is only human first, before he is a man. The conclusion is that both were wrong for their actions.

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