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Flint Residents Sue Federal Government for 722 Million Dollars

Almost 2000 families who were affected by high lead levels in the water, are suing the EPA for failing to take action after they were made aware of the problem with the water after they switched from getting their water from Lake Huron to the Flint River.



To be fair, Gina McCarthy was pretty busy fighting home owners, who had the gall to think they had control over their own land and fining oil and refinery companies because they didn’t add an ingredient that doesn’t exist.

From The Daily Caller:

One report published in March claims the EPA only acts to enforce clean drinking water regulations when public outrage reaches a deafening pitch, implying negligence on the part of agency officials.

Another report conducted in February, 2016, by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) details how the EPA fails to force state regulators to comply with federal drinking water laws.

The lawsuit states the Flint crisis was the result of a “major failure” by government to protect Flint.

“Local, state and federal agencies and employees, working individually and at times in concert with each other, mismanaged this environmental catastrophe,” the 30-page lawsuit claims.

The lead levels in the drinking water have dropped to a safe level but residents are being told to continue using filtered water until the city replaces it’s old lead pipes used to transport the water.  Somehow the liberals will blame the lawsuit on Trump.  Trump is the new Bush.




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