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Nineteen Countries That Have Permanent Bans on Israeli Citizens

Much is made of the temporary ban President Trump has put in place against 7 nations.  Worldwide even.  But yet, no one raises an eyebrow over the fact that 19 countries have banned all citizens from Israel on a permanent basis.  In fact nine of those countries ban you if you have ever visited Israel.



Look at the United Nations.  The Palestinians can shoot hundreds of missiles into Israel, but if Israel reacts, who gets condemned by the UN?  College students all across the United States decries fascism at the same time they are anti everything Israel.  Don’t their professors teach them the meaning of fascism before they unleash the snowflakes on the world?

These countries ban all Israelis:

  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Kuwait
  • Sudan
  • Iraq (except Kurdistan)
  • Brunei
  • Oman

And nations where an Israeli stamp or passport might cause a problem or raise security concerns:

  • Algeria
  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Somalia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia
  • U.A.E.

From IJR:

For the most part, the travel bans have been implemented over land disputes (with their closest neighbors) and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In rare cases, special exceptions may be made.

In order to help travelers who might like to visit any of the listed nations but don’t want to have issues, Israel has opted to offer a paper “entry card” in place of a passport stamp. John Bloomer, who has visited Israel three times, explained to Independent Journal Review:

“My passport was stamped twice, but the last time I went I got an ”entry card“ instead. The stamps were in ’06 and ’09. The entry card was in ’15.”

IJR reporter Jenni Fink has also traveled to Israel in recent years and received an “entry card,” as well.


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