Florida Woman Arrested For What She Disguised As Hair Bow

Sometimes you just gotta give it the ole community college try.  Such an instance happened a couple days ago. I personally don’t think it was such a bad try. I mean, aside from it being a clear baggy she might have been onto something with that.


She was also riding strong with a shitload of warrants which well, just doesn’t look good.

Jessica Kropp was pulled over in Marrion County after a cop noticed her registration was expired.

When The cop asked her for her driver’s license, she informed him it was suspended. She also told the officer that she did not have insurance and did not know where the registration for the vehicle was located. The cop then discovered that she had 5 valid warrants out for her arrest. Kropp was placed her under arrest, and ordered to step outside of the car. As The cop was placing her in handcuffs he noticed that the bow on her head was made meth, which Kropp said was not hers. Kropp was arrested on charges of possession of meth with the intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while license suspended and no liability insurance. She was taken to the Marion County jail where she is held on a $23,210 bond.

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