Flower Shop Employee Shares The NAUGHTIEST Gift Message In History, Goes Viral

It was both EXPLICIT and GROSS but hilarious!


Gift messages make a difference. It is true, almost all girls love to get flowers, but the sentiment is incomplete without a sincere, heartfelt statement to go along with them. Even if the gift is not romantic in nature, people have come to expect a statement such as, “get well soon” or something like that.

One Twitter user, named Nicole, works in a flower shop and one of her duties is to write out the messages that go along with flowers that will be delivered.

One recent message was so crazy that she could not resist posting it. What a gem!


Other Twitter users seemed shocked that someone actually had to read and deliver the naughty message. Nicole’s original tweet immediately garnered more than 35,000 retweets and 111,000 likes.

Many of the responses are out of this world, as well.

There is a lesson to be learned here: whenever you send flowers, or any gift with a private message, realize that the message is really  not all that private, and that someone could post it to social media, just as Nicole did. Good thing she did not share anyone’s name!


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