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Off-Duty Cop Gets Pulled Over For Drunk Driving, Thinks He’ll Get Off Easy. Think Again [VIDEO]

Drinking and driving has become one of the most stigmatized crimes that people can commit in our society. Thanks to the efforts of organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD for short, it has finally become an issue that most people understand as deadly serious.


We just found a video of an off duty police officer who has had way to much to drink. So much so, that a number of people in his community had called 911 to report the erratic driving, unaware of who was behind the wheel. How did his brothers in blue handle the situation when they finally pulled him over? Remarkably, thank you very much. In a time when all we hear about are bad cops, you are going to love this video of cops doing their job so professionally.

In this video, we see some cops pulling over a reckless, and obviously wasted driver. As they get closer to his vehicle, he tells them that he is “one of you guys.” He then starts trying to get his fellow officers to just let him sleep it off, instead of filing a report.

“Um, just let me go,” the intoxicated cop says to the deputies.

“I can’t,” the officer says. “I’ve got multiple 911 calls about a reckless driver. Your plate and all matches.” The responding officer then asks the Lieutenant if he would simply let a drunk driver go because he was a cop.

“Yes. Just because,” the driver says before trailing off in a drunken stupor.

Before being taken into custody, the bad lieutenant’s blood alcohol level was reported to be over three times the legally allowed limit.

What was once looked at as “boys being boys” has changed in public perception as a wholly preventable cause of death for more than ten thousand people on our nation’s roads and highways. Much of that shift in public policy and attitudes is thanks to just one organization: Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD.

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