• June 17, 2024

Former DNC Head, Howard Dean Insists Iran Is Not A Muslim Country

Howard Dean, the mere mention of his name conjure up the word  “buffoonery”. What purpose is it to the Democrat Party to favor or at the least defend Islamist Iran? Just as fast I can it would be personal gain, but why? On this track we are on track  to bloody conflict on our own soil, not seen in over 150 years. Logic has been dismissed and replaced by emotion on the left. Good intentions is all that matters, not final results.

According to Truth and Action:

Howard Dean, the man made infamous for an amazing, presidential campaign-ending scream, is now talking foreign policy — if anyone is willing to listen. If it wasn’t already obvious, his opinion is raising serious questions about his judgment and credibility.This refusal to accept that terrorism could possibly be linked to Islam is the Democrat’s biggest mistake. They would rather coddle the religion and countries in the Middle East that allow terror to thrive than face the issue with an iron fist.

So if you have anymore questions needing answer, for instance, ” Why don’t purple crayons taste like grapes?”, or any other deep  thoughts, direct them to the statesman, Howard Dean. Who in any other day and age short, of political correctness would have been pronounced certifiable. What do you think?


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