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Former NSA Analyst: Senior Intelligence Official “He Will Die in Jail”

Former NSA analyst and current columnist for the New York Observer,  says that a high ranking intelligence officer told him that the NSA plans to go nuclear on President Trump and that “He will die in jail.”


Is this for real or is he just another loony liberal making up fake news.  This is actually very easy to find out.  The comment if true is treason.  Guess what?  Journalists can’t by law protect their sources in cases where major crimes are involved.  If you refuse to divulge your source, you go to jail or prison, you are not allowed bail and you can remain there forever if you don’t talk.  Let’s do that.

Schindler hates Trump and recently wrote a column titled, “The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins.”  The intelligence community has been leaking information to the Pravda-like New York Times and Washington Post.  That is illegal under US law and punishable by very long prison stretches.


From The Daily Caller:

Schindler received heat for his tweet suggesting a coup by the intelligence community.

ABC News chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran tweeted, “If this source is for real, talk of a ‘Deep State’ coup aren’t insane. [The president] will ‘die in jail’? Who do you think you are?”

The former NSA analyst stood by his comment and said, “Surprisingly, some US spies consider [the president] colluding with [Russian intelligence services] + Kremlin, [including] election theft, to be kinda treason-y.”


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