• October 4, 2023

Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Claims To Have Dirt On Trump Family To Convict

Michael Cohen is one of the most disgusting human beings and somehow he has outdone himself with even that title. Cohen appeared on Sirius FM with Dan Abrams following the Supreme Court decision to allow far-left New York City District Attorney Cy Vance to gain copies of President Trump’s tax returns.

For years, Vance has wanted to get his hands on Trump’s returns for years now so that he can manufacture criminal charges against the former president. So, essentially today was good news for Vance and the New York anti-Trumpers.

During their conversation, Cohen said he has information for Vance that will be helpful in charging Donald Trump with crimes. Cohen also said members of Trump’s family will also be prosecuted.

It is truly amazing that this guy was once Donald Trump’s trusted attorney.


Via the Dan Abrams Show on Sirius XM.

DAN ABRAMS, HOST: Do you have documents in your possession that are useful to the Manhattan D.A. and the investigation?

MICHAEL COHEN: I have information for them, yes, in my possession that they seek, and I will provide to them.

ABRAMS: Information or documents?

COHEN: Both.

ABRAMS: You have documents – because documents are the key to these kinds of cases – I don’t need to tell you this. You know this, that documents are the critical point in cases when you’re talking about bank fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud, anything like that. I know you don’t have his tax returns, but you have other documents that you think are going to be very useful to the D.A.?

COHEN: I have documents that they believe will be useful to their campaign, to their investigation.

ABRAMS: It seems pretty clear to you then that he’s going to get charged with a crime?

COHEN: Yes. It appears to me to be certain.

ABRAMS: And with multiple crimes or a specific crime, but meaning beyond just the Stormy Daniels payoff?

COHEN: Yeah. That’s just one out of 12, and again, their investigation is not isolated to just Donald Trump. It also deals with other members of the family, as well as the Trump organization and individuals at the Trump organization as well.

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