• June 20, 2024

Foster Parents Beheaded By Islamic Converted Son In California

The Religion of Peace strikes again.  How is it that we cannot understand  Islam?  I can only think that if you do not believe then you have to have your head cut off. Seems simple to me. Why do many countries including the United States frown upon migrant immigration from the middle east? Just a reach, but I say Islam. Well, this recent convert followed Mohamed’s teachings, took matters into his own hands and cut the heads off his foster parents heads off.  Nathaniel Scheiern posted a beheading video before he committed the  murders. He was arrested after leaving a hospital for injuries he received the following day.

According to DCclothsline:

The homicide investigation began on the morning of June 28 of last year, when Scheiern’s sister called and asked Glendale police to check the well-being of her grandparents, who lived with Scheiern in a single-family home in the 600 block of Alexander Street.
When the first officer — one of four who testified Tuesday — arrived at the home, he found the front door ajar and several newspapers stacked on the porch. A foul order emanated from inside, where in a bedroom, the carpet and walls were covered in dried blood.

Is the West going to come to grips with reality? How much more does the American public have to see before they all stand and say enough is enough? I for one do not want any immigrant entering the country who does not pledge allegiance to the nations laws established in the constitution, and adheres to the Bill of rights. If you want sharia, wrong place to come. The time is now, because it is happening in our country now. What do you think?

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