• October 4, 2023

Petty Obama Orders Federal Bathrooms Open To All That Identify

To start this conversation, I have to preface it by saying we are dealing with a president who is a petty, petty man. Obama is on vacation and the Louisiana floods have interfered with his relaxation. The world still does not know how to stop for his benefit. So what does a little bully do? He sends out his big dumb friend out and intimidate. And so we are back to the bathroom, where it is everyone can use what ever they wish to based on what they are wearing at the time. This will be his defining legacy.

According to BB4sp:

The agency that oversees about 9,200 buildings operated by the federal government in over 2,000 plus cities across the country, issued a bulletin to clarify the nondiscrimination policy in the Federal Management Regulation for buildings under its jurisdiction and control, such as office buildings and courthouses.The bulletin, which was posted to the Federal Register, states that individuals must be allowed to use the bathrooms, showers and changing areas consistent with their self-proclaimed gender identity.

Oh how I long for the days of a true statesman, who puts the present and future of the nation at the  forefront. Not just party politics that divides and does not stress unity. What this country could accomplish with the foundation we have is not out of the question, because it has happened before. All these instances should only solidify who to vote for in the upcoming election. Chose wisely, your country’s future is at stake. What do you think?


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